Our Mission

Partners-Jordan, is a Jordanian not for profit organization, committed to advance civil society, promoting mediation, conflict management and culture of change, and encouraging citizen participation in Jordan's social and political development.

 Our Vision

Prosperity can be achieved through responsible participative citizenship.

 Our Objectives

1. Provide capacity building and facilitate multi sartorial initiatives to promote the advancement of civil
    society organizations in Jordan.
2. Promote mediation as a profession in Jordan.
3. Provide conflict and change management training and services.
4. Promote good governance, and organizational management.
5. Promote citizens participation in Jordan's social and political development.

 Our Programs

1.1. Promote the enhancement of the environment where NGOs operates, through creating a platform for       partnership between government and civil society organizations.
1.2. Provide technical assistance and training (including conflict and change management) for civil society       organizations.
1.3. Provide publications that can be of help to civil society organizations.

2.1. Conduct a needs assignment.
2.2. Offer training to certify official mediators.
2.3. Provide mediation services.

3.1. Organize TOT and training in conflict and change management.

4.1. Conduct training and awareness sessions on good governance.

5.1. Conduct awareness campaign to promote youth participation in politics.
5.2. Develop curriculum to educate youth on the importance of political participation.

 Board of Directors

Name Company Title
Mr. Laith Al-Qasem ABCD President
Mr. Sa'ed Karajah Sa'ed Karajah & Association Vice President
Ms. Fotouh Younis Anhur Board Member

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